TB220 Turf Brush

GROUNDMECH product range extended with the arrival of the TB220 Turf Brush as exclusive importer for this USA manufactured equipment for the UK, Europe and Middle East.

What is the TB220 Turf Brush?
What does it do?
What are the other benefits of the TB220 Turf Brush?
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The TB220 Turf Brush is a multi-functional towed attachment (using a lightweight utility vehicle) with dual rotating brushes.

What does it do?

The TB220 has multi-purpose brushes which work topdressing sand into the canopy and fill aeration holes with very little effort. It completely fills aeration holes with sand in 2 or 3 passes saving greenkeepers' from a lot of very time consuming, back breaking work!!

The TB220 Turf Brush is also an incredibly effective grooming tool. The dual motion brushing action of the TB220 stands the grass blades up, reducing grain, and producing a fine textured putting surface.

The TB220 performs equally well at any cutting height and is fully adjustable, brushing up the longer coarse blades so that they can be mowed off. It also opens the sward, enabling increased light and air exposure which results in less likelihood of disease.

What are the other benefits of the TB220 Turf Brush?

The TB220 reduces the amount of sand needed top dress by approx 25%.

The TB220 also saves time and money on resurfacing reels and bedknives, as the brushes place the sand under the sward, meaning that much less is picked up by cutting units.

There is no physical injury to the plant even when making multiple passes with the brush. The brushes rotate constantly thereby eliminating the bruising and stress that result from vertical mowing.

The front or rear brush lockout feature means it can be used in single brush mode which is perfect for undulating greens or light top dressing.

There are now several brush styles available to suit all operator requirements.

Hire the TB220 Turf Brush

Some customers prefer the 'try before you buy' approach, so we do have options available for rental hire with or without an operator.

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Jul. 2, 2014